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What services are you most interested in in terms of dog care?

We only offer individual babysitting when the dog is in our household. We do not have animals in pens or cages, as is the case in dog hotels. Dogs with us are in our household as if they were their own. There is a relatively large interest in regular walking or babysitting dogs while the owners are at work. The demand is also for babysitting dogs during holidays, business trips or hospital stays.

Our customers use our services for multi-day babysitting, as well as a kindergarten, where they bring the dog in the morning and pick it up in the evening. They usually start with one service and try the other right after. Many customers also use the services of our salon, where we nicely bathe or cut their dog before picking it up.

Clients use our services the most during holidays and spring or summer holidays. Recently, we have seen an increased interest in babysitting on extended weekends. We also have customers who give us their dogs for longer stays, for example when working abroad or during the study holidays, when, for example, a foreign student leaves for family.

Watchdog time is a day to several weeks. We are often fully booked during holidays or extended weekends. Our capacity is up to six dogs, depending on breeds, age and other needs. We also offer professional training for babysitting. By prior arrangement, we are able to come to the client for the dog and take him back after the stay.

What are the conditions and regime of your dog in case of a stay of several days?

Dogs are guarded in the house with a garden. We adapt the daily regime to the habits of each dog, his breed, age, health and condition. Dogs have constant care, they go out several times a day. This is individual care, so the number of dogs is limited to maintain the quality of care. We choose the company and a group of other dogs such that it is beneficial for all dogs, not stressful.

As part of babysitting, we also offer, for example, training or counseling with unwanted dog behavior, which many owners will appreciate.

In our care, the dogs are not locked up, they are still in the pack. Their program also depends on the weather. When it's nice, they are out all day in the garden or in the woods, where they have an adequate paddock. They have fun and relaxation all the time, plenty of drinking water. We make sure that they eat in peace and have peace after eating. Of course it depends on the specific dog. Older dogs have more rest, in puppies we make sure that it does not stretch.

We try to provide each dog with the greatest possible privacy and comfort.

Feeding takes place according to the owner's wishes, usually once or twice a day. However, it is not a problem to feed several times a day (if it is, for example, a puppy). We adapt the feeding to the customer's wishes, we can supply both granulated food and BARF (Bone and Raw Food).

The dog's day begins around six to seven o'clock in the morning, when he begins to walk. If the dog is in contact, he is out in the pack with other dogs. If the dog likes his peace, he walks alone. Around nine o'clock in the morning there is rest and breakfast. In the morning, the dogs are waiting for a run outside again or a walk, the noon calm is observed with us. In the afternoon, they go outside again.

The day ends with us around 21-22. hours when everyone last goes out and fed. During the morning walk, some dogs are trained. We are happy when dogs can be outside as much time as possible.

What are your criteria for babysitting and caring for entrusted dogs?

The dog must not be aggressive towards people, must not suffer from any infectious disease, must be able to walk on a leash and must be vaccinated against rabies, this follows from the law.

Every new dog we accept must come to visit, where we will test how each dog reacts to our regime. He must not be too aggressive or timid.

We also accept problematic individuals by appointment, the concept of organizing our regime allows us to do so without any problems. Size doesn't matter either. Some customers also require the administration of various drugs, either orally or by injection (eg in the case of diabetes, where insulin must be administered several times a day and the feeding regimen adjusted). These services are also a matter of course for us.

What do you do if your dog becomes ill or, for example, infected during the time he is entrusted to you?

If the dog becomes ill or has any injuries, we will perform the most necessary treatment and go to the vet. In case of more serious problems, it is possible to call an animal ambulance, but so far we have always managed to make do alone or with a visit to the vet. The owner of the dog is always informed immediately of any injury or health problem and subsequent visit to the veterinarian.

Thanks to the fact that we are educated in the field, we can prevent dog attacks in most cases by reading dog signals. We always have dogs on a leash, but a problem can occur when an aggressive foreign dog runs up to us, whose owner is not in sight. Then we often risk our own health to protect the dog entrusted to us from the aggressor.

Fortunately, big skirmishes do not occur, problem behavior can be predicted in advance, as in humans.

Sometimes dogs get scratched or have stretched muscle because they run and play. We are not able to influence these injuries and we always warn the owner about it.

Do you notice any interest on the part of the owners in caring for other animals, such as cats, rodents or reptiles?

Although people with these demands sometimes turn to us, we must reject them. In order to maintain the maximum possible quality of care for dogs, for which we are equipped, it is not possible to watch other species of animals. On the one hand, it would endanger the safety of all and it would not be possible to maintain the quality of services focused on dogs.

We do not provide these services, we are not equipped for other animals. Our babysitting works in a family house, there is always someone with dogs present. We try to meet the needs of our clients with the time when they will bring or take the dog. Clients look for us because of the quality of services provided, thanks to which we are able to provide all the care (cuddling, as much time outside as possible, games, training, almost constant contact with dogs).

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