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How to get a dog when it's not possible at home temporarily

If you have a vacation planned or that is not suitable for a pet, or you just need to arrange matters for which your dog cannot be with you, you are probably deciding where to go with him.

We can help you decide on the suitability of a babysitting service for dogs.

You will find out on our website how and where you can entrust a four-legged partner and how much it will cost you. You will read that sometimes instead of the owners we sleep with the dogs in bed or we have to put on our own body in order to maintain safety :-)

In addition, we can often not only take care of the dog above standard, but also improve its health, diet, obedience and physique.

In addition to the classic guarding services for dogs, which provide care for them in the interiors and exteriors of the operator, there is also a better option, which is to have the animal guarded by surrogate owners in family conditions. On the Internet you can find a database of more than eight hundred replacement owners who can look after your dog at their home.

The database contains a lot of information about these surrogate owners. You will learn, for example, what their experience is with breeding and babysitting dogs, or whether they live in an apartment or a family house. Based on this information, you can choose a surrogate owner so that the environment in which your quadruped will stay during your absence is as close as possible to what he is used to.

Whether you are going on a business trip or an air trip to the sea, there is not always a willing relative or neighbor on hand to look after your pet during your absence. In such cases, dog owners can choose a babysitting service that will provide all the necessary care for the dog, from feeding, through walking, to entertainment.

Choosing from a wide range of security services may not always be easy. Before choosing a specific place, you should be clear whether it meets your criteria - for example, in terms of the size of the enclosure or contact with other animals. It is also advisable to look for references.

Sniff twice, watch once

Before entrusting the dog into the hands of professional watchdogs, it pays to visit the place where the quadruped should spend a few hours or in most cases days, in advance, even with a four-legged client. Chat with the staff, look at the "terrain" and find out if you and the dog instead "positively" breathed "on you.

Although probably no one wants to think about it much, the truth is that during your absence, the dog may be attacked or ill. No one likes to imagine such a scenario, but it is good to think about it before choosing the most suitable security service.

Before choosing a temporary owner for your dog, find out from us if and how these situations are treated. You can be inspired by examples on our website .

Whenever you contact us, we will be happy to advise ...

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