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Types of services for dogs you may encounter:

  • Dog hotel: 24 hour dog care in interiors and exteriors with a permanent presence of staff. The price for babysitting is very individual. It depends not only on the size of the dog, but also on his needs. It depends on whether he needs simple babysitting or even brushing, combing or bathing. Prepare around five hundred crowns a day and night for babysitting alone, you will usually pay extra tens of crowns for the other procedures mentioned.

  • Dog nursery: One-time daily stay of the dog in interiors and exteriors with a permanent presence of staff. It only works during the day, usually from 7 am to 7 pm. The price is again individual, in one day it is around three to four hundred crowns.

  • Individual dog training: It can be completed within a dog hotel or kindergarten or paid for separately. The price is around three hundred crowns per hour.

  • Babysitting dogs at your home: Several hours to several days of babysitting dogs by a professional at your home. For 24-hour care in the home environment, expect an amount of around 1,500 crowns.

  • Dog salon: Additional services, such as cutting, cleaning ears or teeth, bathing or combing. The price ranges from tens (cleaning ears) to hundreds of crowns (cutting).

  • Walking: One-time or repeated walks accompanied by professionals, for example, if you stay longer at work and do not have time to walk your dog. The price is around two hundred crowns for half an hour and three hundred crowns per hour. If you live far from the seat of the security service and the person walking has to commute to you, you will pay extra for their transport there and back.

  • Transport to the place of babysitting (if it is not a babysitting at your home): Some babysitting services can pick up your dog in his home environment and bring it back after the stay. This service is usually provided only in the case of several days of babysitting and is based on the number of kilometers traveled. For longer stays, some services offer it free of charge.

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